Positively Good Coffee

Hope is on the horizon

We strive to have a direct, meaningful impact on improving the livelihood of the communities where our coffee beans are grown.

Emily & Lee Cleghorn


Prior to starting their entrepreneurial careers, Lee & Emily were officers in the US Army. Lee was a Green Beret, and Emily was an Intelligence Officer.

While deployed to combat zones, both Emily and Lee saw firsthand how the starvation of capital in conflict areas perpetuated the hardship of the people, despite various opportunities for investment.

They also saw an opportunity to make a positive social impact on these overlooked communities through conscious capitalism & strategic reinvestments.

They are happy to take their experience running Outer Range Brewing Co. over the last seven years, and applying their expertise to this new venture that connects them back to their military roots of service.

Mikaël Portannier

Lead Coffee roaster

Mikaël is a two-time French champion of Coffee In Good Spirits, and just received the prestigious title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France in coffee roasting.

After training our cofounder Lee on coffee roasting in Paris, Mikaël then joined the Conflict Coffee team to lead our roasting program. We are so happy to have Mikaël's leadership and expertise to bring you world-class coffees.

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